Prosecco Tasting Gift Pack (2 Bottles)

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Prosecco Tasting Gift Pack (2 Bottles)


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Prosecco Superiore tasting box, (The Landscape Experience) contains two different proseccos; 1 brut, 1 extra dry. Also includes an Italian bottle stopper to keep the fizz in your bottle.


The classic experience box contains 2 bottles of Prosecco Superiore direct from the family run Riva Granda winery found in Farra di Soligo, along the Prosecco Road, in the heart of the Prosecco region. Here you get the opportunity to try two different Prosecco Superiore from the same winery. The terrain is hilly and rocky, the views are panoramic and the prosecco is lush! The label on the bottle shows a rough map of the winery and denotes which part of the area the grapes are selected for this particular bottle.


Inside this special box of fizz:

  • 1 x 750 ml bottle of Brut Prosecco, 8 – 9 gms of residual sugar.
  • 1 x 750 ml bottle of Extra Dry Prosecco 15 – 16 gms of residual sugar.
  • 1 Italian bottle stopper from a prosecco winery within the same area (not necessarily from the same winery as the bottles).


Both are Level 4 on the pyramid of quality and give you an excellent opportunity to hold your own prosecco tasting and see which one is your favourite. It might be the super skinny Brut Prosecco. It might be the delicious Extra Dry Prosecco, slightly sweeter but still as fabulous!


The proseccos are packaged in a beautiful gold magnetic box, with a gold ribbon. Perfect as a gift.


All you need to enjoy your own prosecco tasting and to become a prosecco expert!

Yours to savour and enjoy!





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