Prosecco! Host your own Prosecco Tasting Party!

Prosecco-Ecco provides PROSECCO TASTINGS where we demonstrate the different styles of Prosecco. There is more to Prosecco than you think!

There are many different types of Proseccos in supermarkets and wine shops and at Prosecco-Ecco we want to demonstrate how a little understanding means you will buy the bottle that suits your taste every time.

Our parties are a light-hearted way to demonstrate the qualities and types of Prosecco. We’re not out and out wine buffs, we know and love Prosecco and want to Share the Fizz! We cater for any occasion, whether it is just a catch up with friends, a VIP night out, or a tasting session as a hen party warm-up, a Prosecco tasting is a great way to get together to celebrate in style! Who needs an excuse to pop open the bottle and enjoy the light, delicate taste of Prosecco? We also cater for corporate events; client engagements, product launches or team celebrations are just some of the events we provide.

Contact: or call on 0777 590 3208